Galleon Real Estate is a Ghanaian premier real estate company specializing in affordable housing, property management, rentals and renovations. We also have a track record of over 10 years’ experience serving clients in the diaspora by providing advisory services including land searches, valuations and property registrations.

In a market that is rife with fraudulent practices, Galleon was set up to provide the solution and step by step support in providing practical and real time information about land and property acquisition to clients who have a keen interest in investing in Ghana but lack the confidence and knowledge needed.  We carefully evaluate your needs and provide a variety of solutions tailored to your particular situation.

Depending on your needs we intend to work towards achieving and realizing your dreams within the budget you can afford.  This can range from large scale projects including commercial properties to affordable living spaces.  Contact us.

There is something permanent and something extremely profound in owning a property.
At Galleon Real Estate, we listen to your desires and needs then we design it to your specifications and build it into your dreams.
We are proud of our good communication skills, excellent coordination, thoroughness, carefulness, and our quality workmanship. You can’t go wrong with us.

In 2011,United Nations Population Fund (” UNFPA”) predicted that 40 % of the world’s population would be living in Africa by 2021. In addition, the fastest-growing urban agglomerations across Africa would be medium-sized cities. The unprecedented shift in demographics has steadily affected the demand for real estate fundamentally. Shortage in infrastructure due to the rapid population growth has led to massive demand for high-quality retail, office and residential space as demand continues to outstrip supply resulting in rapid turnovers for those who entered the market early.

In the residential sector, growing urban populations will increase demand for affordable housing, while a burgeoning middle-class continues to drive demand for more mid-range properties.  Whilst office, industrial, retail and residential continue to remain the dominant sectors in Accra, affordable housing is still set to make a gigantic leap by a 60 % growth spurt by 2021 according to Pricewater House Coopers.  There has never been a better time to invest regardless of your budget.

What We Offer

  • Rental

    Accra is a city with a lot of choice for prospective tenants. Rental prices inevitably tend to be the highest in the more central areas covered by our Airport Office which together with our Mallam Office ensures that we cover areas that suit the full spectrum of budgets.

  • Property Management

    Our primary commitment to our tenants and landlords lies in ensuring that you receive the best possible experience from us. This is to ensure that down the line you may choose to build, rent or use any of our services on a repeat basis. "Hassle free", "quality maintenance" are some of the words that landlords who have opted for our property management service have used in describing us. You can rest assured that all tenants are properly vetted and your property well maintained. We also have our own team of cleaners, so if you would like us to organize weekly visits or an end of tenancy clean we would be more than happy to arrange that for you!

  • Renovations

    Contrary to public opinion, renovating does not have to be a burden. Neither does it have to entail out of control budgets that have veered significantly out of track from what you initially envisaged. The major challenges that come with renovations is down to unskilled workmen. Our Galleon team of expert handy men and interior decorators have been handpicked by us specifically from Togo and the Ivory Coast where construction skills remain superior.

  • Experienced Team

    Our friendly team is on hand to help you on your property journey with great customer service and expert advice that you can trust! They all possess a minimum of 8 years in servicing clients in the real estate community nationwide and can offer you local knowledge and the best rates whatever your requirement.


About Our Director

Yunus Ben-Lawal is a turnaround strategist who has been working in real estate for the last decade.  Upon graduation from Ghana School of Telecommunications, he noticed a gap in the market in that property services only seemed to be targeted to the very rich whilst ignoring the larger market of middle class working groups based in the diaspora who had a desire to invest and build their own homes but did not have a large capital base.

Taking a bold risk he sold his own property in a bid to set up a property service that would accommodate the full spectrum of client needs. After cutting his teeth on various projects, he designed the “Build your own Home in 3 years initiative” which saw him build 67 estate homes and a large string of commercial properties. Capitalizing on its success he went a step further by his “ Own a land in 1 year” package which has to date sold 230 plots of registered lands.

Yunus credits his success to God and to using biblical principles as his guide to serving the underserved.   His new book “ Bye-bye Landlord” is set for release in September.